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A labyrinthine wooden structure is erected in the cozy enclosed garden of VZW Wit.h. This will be gradually overgrown by creeper plants, to go completely over time in the garden. Inside is the world of Tony as a Wunderkammer, exhibited.

Jonas Vansteenkiste is a visual artist who works with and around areas. He builds spaces, places or creates situations that can best be described as "mental spaces" built-in or on-the chaos of their own experiences, emotions and thoughts. In the wonderful room he works with Tony Coopman. Tony works in art workplace De Zandberg (Harelbeke). Besides drawing and ceramics Tony is primarily a scientist, a thinker, a worrier. With the eye of an archaeologist, he focuses on the smallest things, he collects and archives.



As of February 20, 2012 working Jonas and Tony almost every Monday in Wit.h. is a social art workplace They include the first phase of an inner room overlooking the garden. This workspace gives them the opportunity to talk, dream, reflect, overlooking the garden. They develop ideas there, they make sketches and studies. The thought process seems to unfold like a maze in which thoughts painfully find a way. After a few exploratory talks have both decided to integrate a structure in the garden, a work that connects both worlds. It is a large wooden form as perimeter walls of the mind. Growing, proliferating crop around the construction will include prowling in the natural context. There dwells within the world of Tony, as a cabinet of curiosities, a Wunderkammer, an intimate collection space with traces of denklab ...


Wit.h focuses on idiosyncratic art that does not allow itself to be spelled out by the market or other, external trends.

Wit.h is ethically, aesthetically and politically aligned with artists we call Crip* for activist reasons. Wit.h therefore questions and rethinks the accessibility of the arts field and aims to populate it colourfully.

To this end, Wit.h organises artistic expeditions in which artists collaborate in small collectives, develop their competences and skills and clarify their position in contemporary art and society.


Wit.h opts for collaboration in the broad cultural

Wit.h works towards an alternative future, a vital, social and inclusive society where differences are an added value. Wit.h is convinced that rethinking cultural assumptions about Crip and Art will benefit society.

Therefore, Wit.h strives for a culture of equality and respect towards the individual artist, Crip and all those who identify with it.

Wit.h also creates opportunities for artists to grow in a meaningful artistic life and belong in their own way.

Wit.h encourages intensive collaboration among visual artists and encourages the collective deployment of ideas, knowledge and experience to devise new, relevant artistic solutions.

Wit.h brings artists, scholars, curators, artistic directors and facilitators into dialogue with the life and work of artists in a Crip position or identity.


In doing so, Wit.h seeks to assist presentation venues to include these artists participatively in their programming.


*Crip is the proud nickname for all those who deviate from 'the normal', 'the appropriate', 'the recognisable'. Crip you are, for example, because of a disability, a mental vulnerability or for yet another reason.


Jozef Vandalestraat 3
8500 Kortrijk



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