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shows a selection of artists who are connected to the city and its surroundings.


The title Cantate winks at Peter Benoit, a form of composition that he often wrote. Cantate is a composition for one or more vocals, the exhibition here also forms a composition for local artists and in this way forms our first Cantate. Jonas Vansteenkiste serves as a curator, and made a strong selection of the creativity that lives in Harelbeke and the surrounding area.


Ann Demeyere, Yvan Behaeghen, Robbert&Frank/Frank&Robbert, Bernadette Messian, Jonas Vansteenkiste &

Jeroen Wallays


In the eighteenth century, Marktstraat 100 in Harelbeke was built as a spacious residential house. After W.W.II, the site housed the local Pipe and Tobacco Museum for decades, which zoomed in on the region's rich craft history. This collection moved to the museum in Wervik between 2010 and 2012. Since April 2014, Market Street has been an interactive place for art and culture. Under the flag of the City of Harelbeke, some 20 exhibitions were organised between 2014 and 2019, each time focusing on contemporary Belgian art.


With its own vision and network, we build a solid autonomous framework where art is central. The ambition of the Kunstenhuis is to realise 2 concept exhibitions every year, complemented by a modest programme of lectures, guided visits and nocturnes.


Marktstraat 100

8530 Harelbeke



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