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Sander Buyck

Sander Buyck (BE, °1984) lives and works as an independent photographer in Ghent. In 2013, he won the East Flanders Provincial Visual Arts Prize.


In his work, Buyck approaches the surrounding reality with a variety of documentary strategies. There is often a social component at the origin of his photographic research. For instance, he travels to India and Palestine, where he focuses his attention on the documentary or conceptual portrayal of oppressed populations.


The photographs he has assembled for Track&Trace were created in a variety of locations. The wandering individual is central. These characters are all captured in the emptiness of the (metropolitan) urban environment. They find themselves in transit spaces and are cloaked in anonymity. The city stands as an obstacle between themselves and the horizon. Perhaps like a mirror, they represent the photographer's on-the-go search for beauty.


Korte Kapucijnenstraat
8500 Kortrijk

commissioned by the city of Kortrijk, Bubox

in the framework of photo festival Track & Trace.

co curator with Jan Ovaere



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