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story's of objects.

An exhibition about living, renovating, a man cycling along a building, stories, objects & people.


We are a country that likes to build, renovate and convert. We live with a brick in our stomach and yet we often do not stand still how important the place where we live. It is part of our being, of our identity. It is the place where we dream, share stories and also dare to be vulnerable.


Change and renovation are clearly central on the site of the 'Drie Hofsteden in Kortrijk. But who are those people behind the facades, what are their stories and important life objects?

An object is a tangible thing, usually consisting of inanimate matter. We deal with most of the objects in our environment carelessly. The one is easily replaceable by the other. They have often become disposable products. But is this so, are there objects that mean more than we see at first sight?

Some items have special value, some get attached and are irreplaceable. They have great symbolic or emotional value.


The intimate exhibition 'Driven, stories of objects', an organization of Schouwburg Kortrijk, is the result of a search for these objects by the residents of the 'Drie hofsteden' a site subject to change and renovation. In the search for these objects you get a personal project from the residents, a portrait that will be shown in an intimate exhibition where you get to know the residents and perhaps yourself better.

commissioned by the city of Kortrijk, Schouwburg Kortrijk

curated by Jonas Vansteenkiste / Jan Ovaere

With the support of Vorming Plus, Museum 1302, RITCS Radio, 

Dasschool Kortrijk. 

special thx to Céline Ottenburgh for the voice over and

the people of "de drie hofsteden"


Céline Ottenburgh for the voice over and

the people of "de drie hofsteden", students of DAS school, Students Ritcs Radio




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