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socio-artistic projects

Since meeting and collaborating with Vzw Wit.h in 2011,

I developed a great affinity and expertise with social artistic projects.

The people of vzw Wit.h:  Bart Vandevijvere, Els Vermeersch, Luc Vandierendonck activated this layer in me: collaborating, Both with other artists, Crip artists or non artists.

over the years I have worked with different institutions and various partners: Avanza, residential institution Mivalti, Ateljee44, Huis van Welzijn Harelbeke & Waregem, VZW Wit.H, ... and diverse people.

Workshops/participative/educational projects

My years of experience in education as a visual arts teacher allow me to translate exhibition content and processes into

engaging workshops and develop educational packages that supplement the context.


I also find it enriching to explore themes or processes with various target groups and ages and to translate them into expressive images. 

If you are looking for a workshop facilitator or would like to develop a workshop/educational package for a project, be sure to get in touch.


Through my years of experience as an arts/curator & coach, I know the cultural landscape like no other. in the different roles and layers of artistry:

The creator, the organizer, content creator and communicator, ...

Because of my own trajectory, I have the experience of these roles and the emotions and thoughts that come with them. This allows me to coach quickly and hands on to a deeper but also sustainable art practice.

Do not hesitate to contact me for a customized coaching program.

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