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Hier und Dort

“it is more than their Heimat that connects them”.

at Haus am the redoute Bad Godesberg, Germany


For this exhibition these 3 artists, Nele Van Canneyt, Korneel Avijn & Jonas Vansteenkiste, were asked because of their geographical roots, Kortrijk.  But there is more connection between them than just this city.

All three artists have strong ties with the language of cinema: Alfred Hitchcock, David Lynch are some of the references you can find in there works.  There are some central themes that come back in there work: recognition, alienation, displacement, Unheimlichkeit,… They also share an analytical poetic look and try to activate the viewer into thinking about their own place in the world and their surroundings.

The name of the exhibition "here and there" seems to have been written for these artists. Each of them investigates in their own way what their place is in the current society, they touch fundamental emotions and elements of the human condition.


It is also the first time that these artists are shown together, each of whom has a professional and international career. This expo is therefore a fine focus moment to put some of our cultural Kortrijk ambassadors in the spotlights.

commissioned by the city of Kortrijk, special thanks to Dominique Viaene

curated by Jonas Vansteenkiste


Nele Van Canneyt, Korneel Avijn, Jonas Vansteenkiste


Haus an der Redoute statt



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