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What is a Border?

What form does this border take?

How do we deal with limits?

These questions that form the base of this exhibition.


The line is the clearest form of the concept of boundary. The drawing of the line is mandatory in nature.

The line always causes two parts, divided into two sides, each separated on its side.

The line has power, it indicates what is inside and what is outside, it defines spaces, divides things into groups, shows heights, divides the world into countries, shows where I stop and you start, you split countries into two and decide between right and wrong ...

A Border shares, divides and indicates.

But a border can also be a line to discover the world or a symbol to indicate something personal.


Which of us does not have a childhood memory in which our parents let us play, with the words stay close to us or do not go beyond these trees ....


Borders offer us a guide to explore the world.

We explore the facets of the border.

We question them, expose them or even relocate them.

This exhibition is an hommage to the border and to those

who they can surpass with respect.


Veerle Michiels, Simon Vanheukelom, Griet Dobbels, Robbert&Frank/Frank&Robbert, Mireille Robbe, Lieven Neirinck, NCNP  Joris Van der Borght, Jasper Pollet, Mathias Caesar, Conny Kuilboer, Ruben Vandeghinste, Kruisdijk/Kuilboer, Annelien Vermeir, kOen Moerman.


In the eighteenth century, Marktstraat 100 in Harelbeke was built as a spacious residential house. After W.W.II, the site housed the local Pipe and Tobacco Museum for decades, which zoomed in on the region's rich craft history. This collection moved to the museum in Wervik between 2010 and 2012. Since April 2014, Market Street has been an interactive place for art and culture. Under the flag of the City of Harelbeke, some 20 exhibitions were organised between 2014 and 2019, each time focusing on contemporary Belgian art.


With its own vision and network, we build a solid autonomous framework where art is central. The ambition of the Kunstenhuis is to realise 2 concept exhibitions every year, complemented by a modest programme of lectures, guided visits and nocturnes.


Marktstraat 100

8530 Harelbeke



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